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As Patrons Control Energy Costs launched a new video aimed at the Made in Group Family, we sat down with the team to talk about the range of four core services supplied by the company that are accessible for all of our members across both regions.

The group, which has secured in excess of £1m refunds and on-going tax relief for over 140+ Members of the Made in Group has created a new video designed specifically for members of both regions, with the explicit aim of showcasing four of the key offerings that they can help members with.

Speaking to Control Energy Costs about the four principles explored in the video, the group explained what each service is, saying, “We offer four core services, firstly forensic cost recovery, this looks at your previous energy invoices and usage going back six years to ensure you have not paid for the energy you have not used. 

If we discover anomalies, we recover the money owed to you. This also covers forensically checking manufacturers ability to secure refunds and relief on taxes and levies, and this can uncover significant refunds and ongoing cost savings.” 

Their second service, dynamic energy procurement, looks at your existing supply contracts and energy usage. “We then present the options that best suit your business needs. This includes both fixed-price contracts, and if we feel it is appropriate, then we can offer wholesale access with the strategic advice of our market analysts so that you can purchase flexibly taking advantage of price fluctuations. We can also offer 100% renewable energy options if this is something you are interested in.”

The company then went on to explain the final tour principles, CEC Solutions and Invoice Resolution. “Our third service is CEC solutions, and this incorporates a vast range of energy-related services such as metre fitting, data on consumption, including governance and legislation reporting. We can also help with energy-saving projects and electric vehicle charging installation.  

While the fourth is offering invoice resolution, we check all supplier invoices against consumption data to verify you are being invoiced correctly.”

To find out more, contact Control Energy Costs on 01737 556631 or visit our website at

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