Energy Audit and Procurement Cost Services

Energy procurement

As one of the UK’s foremost energy consultancies, we’ll negotiate the best possible deal for you, taking into consideration variables such as your consumption and demand profile and any specific business needs.

Forensic cost recovery (FCR)

You shouldn’t pay for something you haven’t used. If you do get charged incorrectly for electricity, gas or water, we can get that money back for you.

Infrastructure and project works (including car charging ports, solar, LED, battery storage and more)

If you have a specific requirement, we can help you to deliver that. Our CEC solutions team can provide help and support with almost any energy or water related project.

Compliance and reporting (including SECR, ESOS)

The energy market and its governance in the UK continues to become ever more complex. We offer advice, guidance and support on how you can remain compliant, through the provision of timely advice.

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