Manufacturers Can Benefit From Patrons Wholesale Energy Market Access Product

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Manufacturers who have negotiated energy supply contracts within the last year or so will have been hit with considerable increases versus current contract costs. This will have been heightened by those ending 3 year deals facing a completely different energy landscape.

Energy costs are now far more of a boardroom conversation than ever and manufacturers need to be taking appropriate, timely and clear advice from a trusted consultancy and partner. Too many fall short by working with unscrupulous brokers keen to add huge commissions with no real professional advice piece.

Control Energy Costs have been managing flexible purchasing arrangements for our largest clients for many many years. Now we have the opportunity to manage a more sophisticated purchasing stratergy for the mid-level clients who previosuly wouldn't have been quite big enough to benefit from this type of purchasing arrangement.

To discover how this product may benefit you for either electricity or gas for any contract ending withing the next 2 years please contact [email protected] or call 07501221728


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